Drugs of Abuse

Palliance provides a broad portfolio of products and services for drugs of abuse testing within road safety, border control, workplace and point of care testing

Product Lines

Leading saliva, sweat and on surfaces tests for fast detection of up to 7 drug groups.

Accurate and rapid tests to analyze urine for the presence of specific illegal drugs and prescription medications.

Highly sensitive tests to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) greater than 0.02%.

Complaint and accurate second laboratory test to confirms the presence of specific drugs, following an initial screening test.

Drug of abuse testing accessories to maintain integrity and ensure no contamination during the testing process.

Drug of Abuse Testing from Palliance

Accurate and Reliable

Highly accurate, sensitive and specific. Certainty in detection of consumption: overall reliability greater than 95%

Easy to use

Our devices are well known amongst professional users throughout Europe

Faster Results

Clear results within just 5 minutes with distinctive test lines that appear in cases of drug use

Quality assured

Our products follow international quality standards and are verified by us at our partners sites

Certified products

Our products are approved according to EU and US certification and quality standards

20+ years experience

For more than 20 years we have provided diagnostic and medical home care products