Home Self Testing

We offer safe, accurate and easy to use diagnostic self-tests for a wide range of parameters. We have supplied pharmacy chains with rapid home tests for more than 10 years. All developed together with leading manufacturers

Product Lines

Pregnancy and fertility tests give women assurance in a special phase of their lives. Our POC*it self-tests are accurate, easy to use and certified.

Allergies impact the daily lives of thousands of people every day. POC*it self-tests provide accurate and rapid allergy screening results for women, children and men.

Many indications afflicting women are perceived as intimate. POC*it self-tests lets women test themselves in the privacy of their own home.

Indications afflicting men are also considered as a private matter. With accurate and easy-to-use POC*it self-tests, men can test themselves comfortably at home.

The health of individuals affects their families. POC*it selftests provide early-warning information to help families when consulting with their doctor and then to start preventive measures.

Home Self-testing Products from Palliance

For Pharmacies and Professionals

Supplying pharmacy chains and now hospitals, clinics and practitioners

10+ years experience

For more than 10 years we supply pharmacy chains with home-selftest

750 000 sold

Customers have tested us! In 4 years we have sold more than 750 000 self-tests


Manufacturing follows international quality standards and are verified by us at our partners sites


Approved according to EU and US regulatory standards


We are a Scandinavian company with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Vienna