Saniswiss Instruments Cleaning Program

Test, clean and disinfect all in one

Take your surgical instruments cleaning and disinfection to the next level with this groundbreaking solution.


Additional Features

Colorant-Based Technology

Innovtive colorant-based technology, enables biofilm visualization on instruments surfaces incl. inside endoscopes in less than 10 minutes

Up To 7 Enzymes Retardant Technology

Multi-enzymatic detergent performs a destructive on the matrix biofilm and disintegrates dirt particles


Our solutions don’t suffer from a compromised activity with our enzymes due to positively charged biocides, such as quaternary ammonium

Additional Features

The innovative formulation protects the instruments from corrosion, and also renews the shine and gloss of the instruments

The composition comes from oleochemistry and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), alcohol or aldehydes

Exceeds microbiological norms & standards. Extensively tested in European laboratories