Sanitizer Surfaces Wipes S1

Cleaning and disinfection in one single wipe with Saniswiss boosted H202

Meeting the highest standards, with an effective wipe material, no harmful side-effects, no toxicity and no disposal precautions.


With no CLP symbol, it is so safe for the environment and has even been approved for food contact


Free from hazard molecules and reduces its impact on the environment. It is highly biodegradable as Surfaces S1 reverts back into water and oxygen after use

Sporicide, full-virucide

Active on a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, fungus, yeasts, and is fully virucidal. Active on spores incl. C. difficile, ideal to fight HAIs while efficient during the prevention of superbugs MDR

Additional Features

Formulated for all types of surfaces incl. MD (non-invasive) surfaces. It’s a 2-in-1 ready-to-use solution that cleans and sanitizes simultaneously

Its formulation uses the next generation Saniswiss boosted Hydrogen Peroxide (bHPa). It beats all records thanks to high oxidative killing rates against microorganisms and more specifically spores

Free from VOCs, its novel formulation evaporates half less during foaming and wiping, saving cost and assuring significant progress in the fight against HAIs at reasonable costs

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