Automatic airborne disinfection

Highly efficient and safe automatic airborne disinfection

Saniswiss Automate is a revolution in air and surface disinfection. Exceeding solutions currently in use and setting a new standard for the disinfection of microorganisms.

Effective Automatic Airbone Sanitizer

It disinfects everywhere and eliminates the risk of contamination while ensuring optimal microbiological efficiency and without creating germ resistance

Reproducible Log-6 Reduction

Up to a log-6 reduction. The Automate Airborne Sanitizer has a powerful lethal activity against a wide range of pathogens incl. virus, bacteria, yeast, mould, spores and MDR superbugs

Safe And Eco-Friendly Synergy

Water based (98%) and alcohol free. No harmful side effects to equipment, people, or the environment

Additional Features

It takes a few minutes to disinfect all air and surfaces. 30 min. contact time is recommended for proper antimicrobial therapy. Followed by some minutes venting the room

A single Automate AHP can disinfect several rooms within 1 hour and treats up to 350 m3. The operation requires only a minimum dose of sanitizer

Exceeds microbiological norms & standards. Extensively tested in European laboratories

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