Safe Hygiene Solutions

For the safety of healthcare professionals and patients we offer cutting-edge biotechnologies to prevent Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Product Lines

Saniswiss new disruptive infection prevention technologies, safe for both health care workers and patients.

Saniswiss virucidal cleaners and sanitiziers for the manual treatment of all thermostable and thermolabile instruments.

Saniswiss eco-friendly hand disinfection solutions developed according to WHO guidelines.

Palliance provides hygiene testing at your facility for assessment of your internal hygiene routines.

Safe Hygiene Solutions from Palliance


Bringing the safest hygiene solutions to the world of healthcare for a more hygienic environment for patients and employees

Safe Products

We aim for the highest standards of efficacy, without compromising users’ safety and environment

For healthcare professionals

We have supplied pharmacy chains for more than 10 years and now hospitals, clinics and practitioners

Certified products

Our products are approved according to EU certification and quality standards

Sold in more than 80 countries

Our products are present in more than 80 countries in every continents


The world’s leading class efficacy sanitizers and cleaners while making no compromise with the safest choice in terms of environmental impact and workers’ safety