About Us

Palliance provides products that improve the daily lives of our customers. We supply diagnostic tests, safe hygiene solutions and medical home care products to pharmacy chains, hospitals and clinics.

Our Values


Quality is part of everything we do. From the e-mails we write, to sourcing products and working with manufacturers and how we engage with customers. Our suppliers are all certified according to international standards. We follow this up with supplier visits and assessments. We believe this is what brings safety and added value to our customers.


Innovation can be ground-breaking or small improvements that make a difference. We believe that systematic and continuous improvements are key in both. This applies to all parts of our products and processes. We do this by asking questions, visiting partners, trade fairs, conducting market research and talking to customers.


“No task is too small or no task too big” is a value for all in Palliance and our suppliers. It is also a value proposition to our customers. We always try to find solutions that make our customers satisfied.

Our Customers and Markets


We have worked with pharmacy chains for more than 10 years. Providing innovative products and category extensions, both as private labels and as our own brands.

Hospitals and Professionals

Since 2017 we supply value-added diagnostic tests and safe hygiene solutions to professional health care organizations.