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Stop hemorrhoids cold

New safe and approved treatment method

3 in 1 seat cushion

One seat cushion to treat them all

Truly uniqe hygiene series

Alcohol free solution for Hand and hard surface santiations

Medical Home Care

Rapid home tests and medical accessories for pharmacies and to consumers

Nutritional Supplements

Basic and advanced supplements for pharmacies

Point of Care

POC testing and hygiene products for health care providers

All products and suppliers are certified according to international standards. Palliance suppliers are checked as part of our quality management system.


Pregnant with haemorrhoids

You are expecting the greatest gift you’ll ever receive when you are pregnant. Many women believe this will be a wonderful and unencumbered time. But soon experience that a pregnancy is hard on your body. Not only does your belly grow when you are pregnant, it often leads to the creation of haemorrhoids around your anus. An unpleasant situation, which many pregnant women have to deal with. With the right knowledge, you can avoid and prevent ...

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What are haemorrhoids?

Most of us are familiar with the word haemorrhoids, but few know what it is and even less how to treat it. Haemorrhoids are very common, but still an embarrassing problem, in spite of the fact that over 50% of the population after 50 will sometime in their life experience haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are hard to examine and to spot your self. There are internal and external haemorrhoids. Easy said, haemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the colon an...

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