Maximize your IgE testing experience with MAX 45k for labs

MAX 45k Laboratory analyzer and ALEX² tests unlock the full potential of IgE multiplex testing


Additional Features

Largest commercially available molecular allergen panel

With an allergen panel of more than 295 relevant molecular allergens and allergen extracts complemented by total IgE

CCD-free allergy diagnosis for increased specificity of positive results

ALEX² is the only system with an integrated CCD antibody blocking capability

Multiplex on demand

Use predefined panel or customise your own via the ALEX² software. It makes it easier for beginners to start multiplex testing

Additional Features

Fully automated batch analyzer with up to 50 patient samples in one assay run

Total assay time: 4 hours. Hands on time: 20 minutes, Loading time: 5 minutes, Visual result control time: up to 15 minutes

Integrated with the RAVEN Interpretation guidance software to cover the most prevalent allergen sources and their respective molecular allergens